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Today more and more people are starting to understand the extreme dangers of genetically modified food. Unfortunately through experience, not testing, we have realized that not only there is no benefit to producing and consuming genetically modified organism (GMO) but they are extremely dangerous to our health and to our environment. Informed consumers and those who have suffered from GMO consumption are now more than ever concerned about the dangers of genetically modified food.

Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

What is Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and Why is it Dangerous

Genetically modification (GM) refers to the tempering with the very genetic codes and the DNA of living organisms of plant and animal species. Reproductive tissues such as seeds, sperms and eggs are modified in a way that completely opposes their natural development. Often times GM processes include the transferring of the genes from one set of species to another in order to relocate certain favorable traits. For examples attempts are being made to transfer genes from salmon or pigs into tomatoes. Other forms of Genetic Modification also include altering the DNA code of a species to include and produce its own pesticide that would normally be spray on the crop. There is really no limit to insanity of GM perpetuators, we are even witnessing the very attempt to dangerous flu vaccines derived genetically modified insect viruses.

10. Unproven Safety Record: The Public (That’s us) Are the Laboratory Mice

Genetic engineering used in our food is not an exact science; it is an absurdly deliberate experiment with unproven and unpredictable consequences. The first question in the mind of any concerned individual is whether genetically modified products have had any type of independent research to ensure their safety not only for human consumption but also for the environment. The answer is of course not! No credible independent research has been done! The billion dollar rich GM corporations have been given the permission to put out their Frankenstein products for sheer profit, while putting the average population at risk. While the full spectrum of the dangers of genetically modified food has not been experienced yet, more and more of its side affects are being realized globally.

It is appalling that the US FDA does not require independent safety testing of genetically modified (GM) crops producers. Not only the FDA does not requiring testing it assures consumers of their safety based on the fact that the very GM companies have labeled their products “save” and that they are equivalent to the non-GM type produce. The FDA takes this on its face value and allows the shipment of these crops worldwide, without any credible scientific grounds on their safety.

9. Tampering with Nature’s Perfect Design

It is fantastically absurd that the lunatic perpetuators of GMO industry somehow assume that the animal and plants species consumed by humans for thousands of years are somehow imperfect and deficient today to feed the world and that need to be enhanced through unproven, untested, unnatural and irrational genetic interference. If we stop for a moment and think about this nonsense theory the very idea becomes plainly ludacris. They have used baseless reasoning such as “feeding the world through GMO” for their aggressive poisoning and killing of billions of people globally. Instead of empowering the population with the means and the resources through various means advanced sustainable agriculture they give themselves the permission to interfere with the living world, a world which our children are destined to inherit. Other studies have actually shown that GMO actually reduces yields.

8. More GMO Herbicides and Pesticides Mean More Environmental Toxins

According to the manufactures for the majority of GMO products, seeds are systematically altered to resist larger amounts of even more powerful herbicides. Due this very fact they shower our foods with extremely toxic herbicides that kill nearly all weeds but do not damage the main crop. GMO companies are now selling farmers patented powerful herbicides at unprecedented levels; deceptively presenting that if the herbicides do not kill the Frankenstein-crop then it must be safe for use even more. Yet, it is only reasonable to assume that all of the extra herbicides will end up in our environment and right our foods; it ends up being served on our breakfast and dinner plates and inevitably builds up in our bodies causing variety of health problems that we are seeing today.

Genetically Modified (GM) crops often excrete their own toxic pesticides to kill off bugs. This is achieved by the BT toxins imbedded in the very genes of the seeds, meaning that the very crop is itself the poisonous food that kills its eaters. Consequently genetically modification firms advertise their crops as needing less pesticide. This is another of one of their billion dollar tricks. Genetically modified crops do not sustainably reduce the use of pesticide but in reality change the way in which pesticides are actually used: from being sprayed on, to being disguisingly built in;- unleashing a variety of different toxic effects on the environment

7. Indiscriminate Killing of Insects – Honey Bees Included

GM crops that have been altered to produce their own pesticides have been found to have toxic effects on non-target organisms in the environment. A wide variety of beneficial insects and animals die in massive numbers as a direct result of this mad pseudo-scientific experience. For example honey bees find their nourishment from a wide selection of fruits like cherries, apples and peaches. These valuable insects have been killed in millions as the results of the excessive GM build-in dangerous pesticides embedded in the crops.

6. GM and Organic Cross Breeding

In the US beehives alone use approximately one third of the crops which leads to large pollination. This means the ease of cross pollination of GM seeds to organic seeds. Aside from bee pollination cross pollination is also easy done with continuous winds that transfer GM seeds to organic farms. This is called “gene drift” for which the organic farmer has to pay the GM companies for using their seeds which the wind and the bees have brought over; another insane absurdity. With these in mind it is easy to realize the extreme dangers of genetically modified crops and how it can be unleashed in our environment like infestation of viruses.

5. GM Companies Own Patent to Life

Here is another absurd madness of the GMO companies; if they sell any famer GM crops they own the right to the very seed they sell. Meaning that the farmers cannot use the same seeds derived from the previous year crops to plant and produce without the paying GM company. As Jeffery Smith the producer of “Genetic Roulette” puts it:

“When you look at the speech given by Monsanto’s consultant, Arthur Anderson, in January 1999: they describe that “they ideal future of Monsanto’s executives was a world in which 100% of all commercial seeds were genetically engineered and patented and had Monsanto’s associated chemicals sold a long side that. And they created the plan, strategic and tactics to achieve that ideal future””

4. Birth Defects and Pregnancy Abnormalities

Another fact to add to the dangers of genetically modified for is that it is long though relation with birth defects and abnormalities. Thanks to the BT toxin (built-in pesticide as noted above) it is not fully broken down in digestion of the intestines and has been especially found in large number circulating in the blood of pregnant women, which is then supply to directly to the venerable embryo and the developing fetus. Another case is the health crisis regarding the GM soy-producing regions of South America, where people exposed to spraying with Roundup and other agrochemicals on the crop report escalating rates of birth defects and cancer

3. Autism, Allergies and Food Intolerance

Genetic engineering as used in crop development is not precise or predictable at all and has not been shown to be safe. The process of genetically modification can result in the unexpected production of toxins or allergens in foods we consume. There are various sources of research that show a direct link between the high rates of autism and higher genetically modified food consumption which sounds more convincing when we see that there has been an increase number of autistic children since the GMOs were introduced in the food market. The coloration between onset of the introduction of GMO products and the extreme rise of food allergies has also raised serious concern over the dangerous profile of genetic modification.

2. Genetic Modification and Infertility

One f the greatest dangers of genetically modified food is that the herbicides that come with GM crops have continuously been linked to infertility, miscarriage and malformation of human embryo. Infertility has become a problem for many young women, while of course not all of the blame can be put on GM produce, a vast source of evidences do link this problem to the tinkering with the natural world.

1. Increased Risk of Cancer: Top 10 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

One of the greatest dangers of genetically modified food is suspected connection with cancer. Study after study has shown the link between GMO greater cancer risks. One of the recent French studies on GMO from Cane University investigated the health of lab rats that were fed genetically modified corn. The results were shocking but not surprisingly. Rats that were fed this specified diet of GM came down with massive tumors, higher risk of cancer, organ failure, deteriorated health and premature death.

Cane University Experiment Showed Dangers of GMO on Rats

Cane University Experiment Showed Dangers of GMO on Rats

It is only reasonable to assume that any type of alteration of natural genetics of the world around us will cause harmful consequences. The dangers of genetically modified food do not end in our top 10 list but if you want to help the fight against the power of GM infestation of our food spread this article around to your friends and families and start growing your own organic garden.

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