Top 10 Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation | How The Sunshine Vitamin Prevents and Cures Cancer

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One of the greatest held back secrets about nutrition and health is the wonderful and great health benefits of vitamin D. This supper vitamin does wonders when it comes to cancer prevention, fighting the flu, teeth and bone strength and overall immune system that promotes a healthy body.

10. Vitamin D Boosts Immunity against the Flu

Vitamin D significantly boosts the immune systems against many infectious diseases. Instead of taking a flu shot, which is loaded with aluminum, adjuvant, chemical toxins and other dangerous substances, and its long term side effects, doctors should advise their patients to start supplementing with a minimum of 5000 IUs at the onset of a common cold, flu or the flu season.

9. Calcium Absorption

The problem with low calcium absorption and osteoporosis has become a common plague for millions of people, especially among the elderly, which unfortunately leads to the prescription of MORE calcium pills; ignoring the fact that more calcium intake does not necessarily translate into more “calcium absorption” without the very important vitamin D. Studies have shown that elderly who receive adequate sun shine or take vitamin D regularly are far less prone to osteoporosis, slips and falls and bone fractures. On the other hand too much intake of calcium can lead to its unwanted build-up in other organs like the kidneys.

8. Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby

Almost any respectable doctor should advice pregnant women to start taking sufficient amounts of vitamin D as soon as the pregnancy starts or even earlier. If the mother already gets enough sun (without burning her skin of course) then vitamin D intake maybe reduced or eliminated. Infants born from mothers who regularly take sufficient vitamin D supplements exhibit a stronger immune system against colds, flues and allergies, than those who did not receive enough of the sunshine vitamin.

7. Better Athletic Performance

Improvement in muscle and eye coordination have been noticed by many athletes who have started to supplementing their diet with higher doses of vitamin D. Research has shown that a much improved choice and time reaction is just one of the very many health benefits of vitamin D.

6. Production and Functioning of DNA, Genes and Cells

It usually comes as a surprise to many people, including medical professionals when they are told that vitamin D is actually a sophisticated hormone. A vital hormone that our bodies desperately need to function. It is a substance in its own class; a super vitamin. The “Sun Vitamin” helps your body rejuvenate itself at the cellular level, slowing down aging and promoting a healthier function by turning genes on and off; an ability unparalleled amongst other vitamins.

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5. Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes is another medical condition that can benefit greatly from higher doses of vitamin D intake. Studies have shown that vitamin D can not only help diabetics manage their condition much better, but its deficiency is exactly what could have caused the condition in many people.

4. Blood Pressure Regulation with Vitamin D

Adequate vitamin D is now link to substantial risk of high blood pressure. This super vitamin is thought to have such a great effect on blood pressure that some researchers have claimed that the right dose of vitamin D can even lower the blood pressure “as effectively as some drugs”.

3. Improved Heart Function

As the biggest cause of deaths in the US, protecting the normal functioning of the heart is something that should be on top of the health list of nearly anyone. Various heart conditions have been linked to low vitamin D levels. Although the extend of which vitamin D can help either prevent and cure heart conditions is not clear yet, research has shown that the sunshine vitamin does help the heart and the arteries to function better.

2. Reduction of Autoimmune Disease

Much like other medical condition, autoimmune and neurological disorders like Autism and Alzheimer’s disease are on a sharp rise. Patients with these conditions have seen a much improvement when they changed start taking foods like coconut oil with high Ketone contents. Also, it is now proven that deficiency in vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood is a significant contributor to the development of Autism and other neurological disorders.

1. The Best Cancer Preventive Supplement

Variety of medical publications and researches have shown that vitamin D prevents nearly 75% of all cancer; lets repeat that once again that is prevention of all cancer types up to 75%. Cancer statistics also show that the farther you live from the equator, the higher your chances of facing cancer at some point in your life. For example people who live in northern part of the US and Canada are far more prone to developing cancer when compared to those living in areas where there is longer sun exposure. There is clear evidence that when Vitamin D comes in contact with cancer cells (on a cellular level) it completely zaps, destroys and disintegrates these cells.

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