Best Safe Substitutes for Microwave Ovens | Safe Microwave Alternatives for Heating and Cooking Food

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Best Safe Substitutes for Microwave Ovens | Safe Microwave Alternatives for Heating and Cooking Food

Let’s talk about substitutes for Microwave ovens. It’s a shocking fact to many people that nearly every single microwave leaks dangerous levels of radiation. Even brand new microwave ovens have been shown to leak high levels of microwave radiation up to 10 meters of distance and beyond away from the appliance. Studies have shown microwave radiation can affect your eyes, your heart, your mind and more dangerously it is proven to cause cancer.

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Yet this very device is nearly in every household. The dangers of microwave also extend to the food that you may be heating up, it’s been shown to damage your food at the molecular level. In this video we will go over some of the top best replacements for microwave ovens. If you in doubt about the leakage from your microwave oven, I recommend getting a Cornet Electro-smog Meter model


Microwave Substitutes for Reheating leftovers

If you can’t do by just using your stove or oven for reheating your food, then you can look for a few safe substitutes for microwave ovens.

1. Steam Convection Ovens

Our first choice is Steam Convection Oven which uses convention of steam injected into oven to heat up your food to your desired level quickly. A good advantage of Steam Convection Oven is that is adds moisture and taste back to your food. You can perform variety of functions with it… from cooking to reheating your food without having to worry about the dangers of microwave radiation.

Steam Convection Oven:

2. Toaster Ovens

If you own a toaster oven, this is another great way to warm up leftovers. They generally take up less counter space than a microwave, and give a nice and crispy finish to your leftovers. You only need about 5-10 minutes to heat up most food. Is that extra 5 minutes worth your health and well being and the health of your loved ones. I’m sure it is

3. Infrared Ovens

Your next safe choice for cooking or warming up food is an Infrared oven. These ovens are safe and heat up your food roughly 40% faster than a regular toaster oven. That’s a great improvement. Infrared is safe is used to cook or warm your food with a fan that blows the heat around the inside of your oven to ensure even cooking.

Infrared Oven:

4. Popcorn Microwave Alternative

Many people love to keep a microwave in their kitchen simply because they love eat popcorns. But for generations before the ages of microwave, we used to use the stove to prepare popcorn. The best way and tastiest way to do that today is simply purchase a stovetop popcorn popper, add your own oil or butter and safely prepare your popcorn and enjoy fresh.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper:

5. Heating Coffee or Tea in the Cup without the Use of Microwave

Here is a great trick heat up your hot beverage. Grab a big enough pot and fill it up with hot water from your kitchen water tab about half way. Put your cold coffee mug in the pot and heat up the pot to near boiling for about 2 mins. The use of hot water from the tab accelerates the heating process and the large amount of water around your mug makes it warm up even faster. You don’t need a microwave to warm up your coffee or tea. Water can be heated in the same way.

6. Can you live without your microwave?

Learning to live without a microwave is not as difficult as you think. Once you take into account the significant health dangers of leaking microwave radiation then it’ such an easy decision. You can use any of the discussed microwave alternatives to make the transition easy for yourself and your family. Remember the your health and the health of your loved ones should come first before any of our modern conveniences.

Now have you found a way around using microwaves? Feel free to share your comments below!

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Let’s learn from nature one step at a time. God bless.

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