Top 10 Natural Pain killers Found in Every Home

Top 10 Natural Pain killers Found in Every Home

Here is a great list of top 10 natural painkillers found in every kitchen featured on Painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are commonly used to soothe our daily aches, however, many of these over-the-counter drugs are doing more harm to your body and are widely overused for chronic pain. They are addictive and can cause serious damage to the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Therefore more and more people are seeking natural alternatives to ease pain and heal their body. A good place to start with natural pain killers is by using high dose Magnesium supplementation. In addition the following top...

How to Shield Against EMF and RF Radiation

How to Shield Against EMF and RF Radiation

How to shield against EMF And RF radiation? As it was clearly stated in the previous post, today we have enough evidence to shown the undeniable proof on the extreme dangers of EMF and RF radiation. For the informed section of the population naturally the question arises: what are the best ways to protect against EMF and RF radiation? It is important to note that since that these types of radiations are constantly around us we can never totally rid ourselves from them unless and until the society as a whole becomes aware and takes action. However, there are a number...

Dangers of Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, EMF and RF Radiation Proof

Dangers of electromagnetic fields/frequency (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) are becoming more and more evident and beyond theory; they are now facts. Tens of credible studies have shown thedangers of Radio Frequency radiation. These fields are routinely emitted by our everyday cellphone towers, cellphones, cordless home phones, WiFi routers and high powered household appliances. Our bodies are being exposed to extremely high frequency radiation and there is clear evidence to prove that our generation and our children are being greatly affected. Independent studies have now proven the adverse effects of EMF and RF radiation and scientists are warning that the...

Top 10 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food | Real Health Risk of GMOs

Today more and more people are starting to understand the extreme dangers of genetically modified food. Unfortunately through experience, not testing, we have realized that not only there is no benefit to producing and consuming genetically modified organism (GMO) but they are extremely dangerous to our health and to our environment. Informed consumers and those who have suffered from GMO consumption are now more than ever concerned about the dangers of genetically modified food.

Benefits of Goat Milk vs Cow Milk For Adults and Babies | Allergies, Digestion, Side Effects and Benefits

More and more studies are showing the greater benefits of drinking goat milk over cow milk or other forms of homogenized milks. When consumed raw and fresh, (whole) milk can be one of the most nutritionally and therapeutic foods for many, especially younger children who are rapidly growing. But which one is actually better for you? Wondering about the benefits of goat milk or cow milk?  Here you will see exactly why goat milk is much better and healthier for you.

How to Cure Ebola Naturally and the Right Supplement for Prevention

As the Ebola infectious outbreak  – also known as African hemorrhagic fever – (with its media-induced fear frenzy) becomes widespread, thoughtful individuals seek to protect themselves by acquiring information that will empower them to both prevent and treat a possible contraction. As more people understand the ineffectivity and the dangers associated with mainstream medical approach (i.e. synthetic drugs/toxic vaccines) in dealing with super bugs and drug resistant bacteria/viruses, they also discover the powerful effects of proven natural therapies; the type of healing that is recognized as the most liable, effective and none-toxic step towards true healing by scholars and Doctors...