How to Shield Against EMF and RF Radiation

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How to Shield Against EMF and RF Radiation

How to shield against EMF And RF radiation? As it was clearly stated in the previous post, today we have enough evidence to shown the undeniable proof on the extreme dangers of EMF and RF radiation. For the informed section of the population naturally the question arises: what are the best ways to protect against EMF and RF radiation? It is important to note that since that these types of radiations are constantly around us we can never totally rid ourselves from them unless and until the society as a whole becomes aware and takes action. However, there are a number of necessary steps, which can be taken to significantly reduce our EMF and RF exposure.

Step By Step Protection against EMF and RF Radiation

how to Protect against the Dangers of EMF and Radio Frequency Radiation

How to Shield Against the EMF and Radio Frequency Radiation

Before determine how to protect against EMF and RF radiation, you must take the most important step; that is the proper and reliable measurement of RF radiation and EMF fields. This must be done to determine if and by how much your area is being radiated. Follow the steps below and protect yourself and your family.

1. Measure Both EMF and RF Radiation at Every Location in Your House

You will need to purchase an EMF and an RF meter to start analyzing and measuring each location in your house and at work

Purchase an EMF Meter

With an EMF meter you will be able to measure the electromagnetic field emitted from nearly any device high power electrical device like gas stoves, fridges, TVs, space heaters to even a possible and extremely dangerous EMF exposure from an outside power line. For EMF detection it is recommended to use industry standard Trifield 100XE EMF meter. Trifield meter is very accurate device with 3 different settings and has build-in gauge (in Gauss) which will show you exactly sever your EMF exposure is and whether or not it falls within or above acceptable standards.

Purchase an RF Meter

Most of these devices come with acceptable radiation exposure charts and also will give you a green, yellow and red zone to quickly analyze whether or not any area in your house is considered safe or not. You can also compare your readings to acceptable RF standards from variety of countries and agencies.

2. Remove or Rurn off Your WiFi Router

One of the best things you can do to reduce your exposure to RF radiation is to turn off Wi-Fi. This of course comes with its inconvenience as we used to being mobile while using internet at home. Not to worry there is a new technology that uses the home’s existing power outlets to supply internet (Ethernet) data. Start using D-Link Power line Adaptor technology and you will be able to connect to the internet through any of the electrical outlet in your home. This of course is a much safer alternative to Wi-Fi wireless internet connection.

3. Remove Cordless Phones

You would be surprised that many cordless home phones emit more radiation than cell phones and worse yet, they do it constantly. Meaning even when they you are not using your cordless phones they are communicating with each other and radiating the whole house. Replace your cordless home phone with several wired phones or at least use a cordless “Dect Phone” with ECO Mode.

4. Limit Wireless Cell Phone or Smart Tablet Use

It is beyond insanity to talk on a wireless mobile more than a few minutes a day. There are no acceptable limits; even a few minutes are too much, simply because we don’t know about the future unforeseeable dangers. The dangers of cell phone use are proven and evident. To protect your health and the health of those around you you must limit your cell phone use and start using a head set when making phone and place you phone as far away from you body as you can.

If you have to use your cell phone directly beside your ears, let the call be get connected before bring the phone to your head, because cell phone use much larger communicating radiation just to connect. It is also important to have your phones charged above 50%, simply because cell phones with lower battery power emit higher levels of radiation.

5. Do not Carry cell Phones in You Pockets

Like most cordless home phone cell phones communicate with cell towers even when they are off. Therefore, it is a good idea not to place a cell phone in your pocket or carry it near your body unless it has been turned off or on “Airplane Mode”.

6. Replace Electric stove with a Gas Stove

As mentioned above, electric stoves are the biggest culprit when it comes to EMF emission. If you can try replacing your electric stove with a gas stove. If you cannot not try spending as little time as you can near the stove. When you cook leave the area and come back only when necessary.

7. Use Low Energy and High Efficiency Devices

Invest in replacing your old devices with new and high efficiency ones. For example get rid of your old TV and get a high-efficiency, low emission flat screen. Another great suggestion that when you are purchasing a new device, take your EMF measuring device to the store and actually measure the EMF emission from each device before making a purchase decision.

8. Shield Your Home From Outside EMF and RF Radiation

You’ve done all the necessary steps mentioned above and you still read high levels of radiation, now what? If your meters still pick up high signals after you eliminate the excessive EMF and RF sources in your home, you are most likely being radiated by your neighbors or from a nearbypower line or a cell tower or a smart meter near your house. This is when you should start thinking about moving to a new home where ambient radiation is low. If you cannot afford to move, then you must start shielding your home from the outside radiation.

There are variety of ways which you can shield your home from outside radiation. You can use Shielding Paint to paint the interior walls of your house or you can use Shielding Fabric as drapes or curtains or decorating pieces to block radiation coming from a certain side of your home. Use your EMF measuring device to determine which side of your house is being expose to cellphone tower, electrical lines or possibly your neighbours WiFi router and block it.

Best Ways to Protect against EMF and RF Radiation

It should now be very clear how important it is to stay clear of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. It is, therefore, crucial to properly measure, remove or block radiation coming from inside or outside our homes. If you have read and enjoyed this information do not forget to save and share these important precautionary steps with family and friends.

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