Health Benefits of Rebounding Exercise | Health Benefits of Exercising on a Rebounder

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Health Benefits of Rebounding Exercise | Health Benefits of Exercising on a Rebounder

The great health benefit using a rebounder is becoming widely know by multitudes of people from young to old. Benefits of rebounding or should we say the great health benefits of rebounding exercises is now becoming more known. More people are becoming interested in taking advantage of rebounding exercises.

And this is good! More people exercising on rebounders means less doctor visits and less toxic medications.  Benefits of using a rebounder is beyond weight loss and toning muscles, we are talking about a complete and holistic array of benefits from emotional, psychological, to healthy bones, eyes and even as mean to treat and prevent cancer. In this video I go over some of the great health benefits of using a rebounder for young and old.

Before that please remember there are many different varieties of rebounders on the market today. We have organized our top 3 rebounders in the list below:

1. Bellicon Rebounder –
2. JumpStart –
3. Leaps and Rebounds –

Some of the benefits of rebounding can be summarized as below:

1. Rebounding Provides Whole Body Workout – Using a rebounder can work every single cell in your body that can possibly be given a work-out

2. Lymphatic Drainage – Exercising on a rebounder can help drain toxins and mucus out of your lymphatic glands

3. Rebounding for Weight Loss – Exercising on a rebounder provides a fun way to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss. Today there is an obesity epidemic that unparalleled in history. Not only do we not eat the right foods, but we greatly lack sufficient and effective exercise. Exercising on a rebounder is as productive and effective as it gets and can help shed the extra pounds from your body.

4. Red blood cell production – It has been shown that rebounding stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. Red blood cells are carriers of oxygen around our body. More red blood cells means more oxygenation and more oxygenation means less diseases and always feeling fresh.

5. Rebounding as a cancer treatment – Some studies have shown that rebounding regularly increases sustainable blood flow in the body, especially to areas where cancerous cells or tumors maybe present. This along with production of more red blood cells and more oxygen boosts the immune system so significantly that the result is killing off the cancer cells.

6. Rebounding reduces cellulite – one of cosmetic benefits of using a rebounder regularly is that it can assist with significant reduction in cellulites in various parts of the body- especially around the legs. Woman who are more prone to cellulites understand how hard it is to reduce or permanently get rid of cellulites – Rebounding can certainly help a lot with just that.

7. Rebounding Maintains Healthy Bones and Joints – Rebounding is gentle on joints and knees therefore people of various ages and conditions can benefit from rebounder workouts. Moreover, rebounding helps strengthen bones and jones by gently encouraging new blood flow to the areas.

8. Rebounding is a Great Exercise for Kids – Kids are always eager to jump and test their limits. Rebounding allows them to develop their feet, hand and eye coordination. It also provides a very good method of exercising for kids who spend a lot of hours in doors at home and need to burn that extra energy for a good night asleep.

9. Rebounding Benefits the Nervous System – As we age our nervous and control sensory organs start to deteriorate. Rebounding stimulates our neurons and the nervous system. By routinely taking advantage of different combinations of rebounding exercises, we can slow down the aging process.

10. Rebounding Encourages Faster Injury recover – Rebounders can provide great assistance when it comes to sports injuries (or other forms of injuries). It has been shown that those who use a rebounder for light exercises, have a quicker recovery time from accidents and sports injuries.

11. Rebounding is Safe and Effective for Elderly – As we age we also become more prone to injuries. Th human body’s functioning, agility and recovery slows down. Rebounding provides  a safe and effective way for people in their middle ages as well as elderly folks to be able to exercise. Some rebounders actually sold with a stabilizing handle that can be held onto for more stability.

12. Slowing the Aging Process – Rebounding slows down aging process and promotes youth, focus and higher energy level. Muscles, joints and the nervous system are all stimulated even during light rebounding exercise session.

13. Rebounding Used in Space – Here is a fun fact. Rebounders are actually used by NASA space astronauts to keep top physical form and assist with their mental health.

14. Rebounder as a Portable Exercise Machine – Transporting a rebounder is not a headache. It is lightweight and small enough to be carried around. Some rebounders can actually be folded and put a way in a closet. Moreover, you can exercise on rebounders both indoors or outdoors.

15. Rebounding Saves Time on Exercising – Exercising on a rebounder is so efficient that you don’t need long ours of rebounding to get the benefits of a full work. The recommended rebounding duration is between 12 to 15 minutes a day, which is sufficient for your any body to get a work out in at any time.

Hope this information has helped and encouraged you guys to start taking advantage of the great benefits of rebounding. If you are interested we leave links to some of the best rebounders down below.

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