Dangers of Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, EMF and RF Radiation Proof

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Dangers of electromagnetic fields/frequency (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) are becoming more and more evident and beyond theory; they are now facts. Tens of credible studies have shown thedangers of Radio Frequency radiation. These fields are routinely emitted by our everyday cellphone towers, cellphones, cordless home phones, WiFi routers and high powered household appliances. Our bodies are being exposed to extremely high frequency radiation and there is clear evidence to prove that our generation and our children are being greatly affected. Independent studies have now proven the adverse effects of EMF and RF radiation and scientists are warning that the consequences of exposure to these fields will become more apparent in coming years.

Proven Studies on Dangers of EMF and RF Radiation

The threat is so evident that even the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has issued a warning that mobile Radiofrequency (RF) and Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are amongstmajor cancer causing environmental sources.

Independent researchers have argued that these forms of radiation toxicity (similar to atomic radiation) are cumulative and can exhibit symptoms in the form a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s and various other major and minor health problems.

Without proper public education the era of technology is not without its consequences. When untested and dangerous science is opened t the masses for profit rather than empowering and protecting them, the future of our children will be even more terrifying. Keep reading below to find out more.

What are the High Sources of EMF Emitters?

From hair dryers, to spacer heaters, to fridges, TVs and stoves, there are plenty of household electromagnetic field emitters, worst of which are electrical stoves, fridges, computer monitors. The strength and the distance of emission from these products, however, may greatly vary from household to household. That is because the radiation danger is directly related to device’s power consumption and its model (i.e. some models contain some of the radiation better than others).

What are the Sources of Radio Frequency (RF) emitters?

Typical day to day high radio frequency devices are cordless home phones, cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers and smart meters

Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation:

Dangers of WiFi Radiation:

 Dangers of Smart Meter Radiation

Dangers of Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Your Neighbor Maybe Harming You and Your Children

That is because EMF and RF fields routinely are emitted from neighboring homes and if you are close enough you will get affected. Imagine you live in a town-house and your neighbor has placed a space heater against the wall where you or your children sleep and it consumes over 1000 watts of power. Or worse yet, imagine your neighbor has placed a WiFi router on the other side of your child’s bedroom. Both of these situations are extremely dangerous, and you would never know it unless you actually measure RF radiation and EMF fields.

Unfortunately, today there are millions of houses build near strong power lines are in extreme dangers of high EMF fields 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Opposition from the Mainstream Science Sources

You will most likely hear or read from the people on the other side of the argument who aim to refute any sort of evidence by quoting cancer.ca or cancer.org documents that allegedly shows there is no evidence to prove correlation between any EMF or RF radiation and adverse side effects. Keep in mind that this is because organizations like cancer.ca and cancer.org are heavily lobbied by the corporations (including cell phone, Wi-Fi and smart meter) and do not always relay the evident truth that has been proven over and over again regarding the adverse health effects of EMF and RF radiation.


Acceptable RF and EMF Standards (great reference to save

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Declares Mobile Radiofrequency (RF) and Electromagnetic fields (EMF) as Possible Carcinogenic to Humans

After cancer warnings on mobiles, could your home phone be putting your health in danger?

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