Benefits of Clay Pot Cooking | Earthenware or Earth Cooking Pots

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Benefits of Clay Pot Cooking | Earthenware or Earth Cooking Pots

In this video we will discuss the organic clay pot cooking benefits. Clay pot cooking is one of the safest methods of cooking. The search for healthy non toxic cookware has gain momentum as more and more research clearly indicates the dangers of toxic chemical used on nonstick and other forms of standard cooking pans such as Teflon.

Unfortunately, pots and pans that have been treated with chemicals release dangers levels of toxin in you food when they are heated up, which are quite detrimental to your health. These chemicals and toxins are now known to cause chronic health condition such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and extremely dangers to pregnant mothers and their babies. As you heat your cooking pans and use things spatulas, forks and spoons you introduce large amounts of these toxin in your food. Not only are these chemicals released into your food but dangers levels of Fluoride polymer gas is also release in the air you breathe.

Clay pots or earth pots are the oldest cookware known to man. Archeologist have found clay pots as far bay as 20,000 years ago.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of cooking with earthenware or earth pots and pans. We’ll talk about some of the benefits and also some How-tos

1. Clay Pot Cooking Adds Beneficial Minerals to Your Food

Because these earthen cookware are loaded with micronutrient soil minerals and ions they will release these beneficial elements to you food. Minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Copper are slowly released into your food as added benefit of supplementation with these organic cookeware. Another advantage of ceramic cookware is that it is incredibly light weight compared to cast iron and other non toxic cookware which we will discuss later on.

2. Clay or Earth Cooking Pots Raise PH Level of Your Food

Another one of the added benefits of cooking with clay pot and pans is that they will naturally raise the PH level of your food, i.e. these pots have a natural alkalizing affect on your food. This is done due to the mineralization of your food. More minerals mean more alkaline food.

3. Even Cooking with Natural Breathable Clay

Clay pots are naturally breathable and promote heat circulation, which allows for a slow and even cooking process. Therefore, meat roasts, soups and stews cook very well in clay pots. Another great benefit of cooking in clay pots is that due to its alkaline nature in nature helps in neutralizing the pH balance of the food from acidic to alkaline.

4. Reduction in Food Burning

The combination of natural earth terracotta clay material of the pots, consistent heat dissipation and their breathability reduces food burning that is experienced with most conventional cookware.

5. Better Tasting Food With Clay Pot Cooking

As the alkalinizing and mineralization process takes place inside the clay pot. Another one of clay pot cooking benefits takes place: foods that are naturally acidic will reduce in acidity and will gain a natural sweetness and a wonderful earthly taste to them.

6. Easy Cleaning of Clay Pots (no soap required)

These clay cookware are tremendously easy to clean. Terracotta indian clay naturally promotes food separation. As such you do not use soap (save costs) on your clay pots.

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