Step by Step EMF and RF Radiation Detection | The Ultimate EMF and RF Shielding and Protection That Every Home Needs – Part 1

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Step by Step EMF and RF Radiation Detection | The Ultimate EMF and RF Shielding and Protection That Every Home Needs – Part 1

Today we are overloaded with Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF). Exposure to EMF and RF are really detrimental to our health and the health of our children…  You don’t see them, you don’t smell them and many of us don’t actually feel them… EMF and RF radiation are really the 21 century silent killers. They are the price we pay for our modern convinces.

Difference between EMF and RF

Electromangactic frequencies (EMF, or EMF) come from all of your electrical devices – some have more, some have less – and also from your electrical outlets. On the other hand Radio frequencies (RF) come from all of your communicating devices (cell phones, Routers, neighbors routers, the cell phone Towers in your neighborhood). And every single day our bodies are bombarded with these radiations.

But the good news is you can protect yourself with THREE main simple steps:

  1. Determine if and where these radiations are present
  2. How strong these radiations are
  3. Find out to shield excessive radiation

In order to find out if EMF and RF are present in your home and their strength (basically steps one and two) you need two pieces of investment for your health. A good EMF meter and an RF meter.

I call them investment because these two devices can potentially help you prevent serious health issues like cancer, insomnia, depression, and anxiety… there are even studies which have linked high EMF exposure to higher risk of suicide.

So I want to make it clear and emphasize again and again that today with the increase use of digital and communication technology and the vast expansion of electrical power and electrical devices and cellphone towers going up in every corner of your city, having an industry standard EMF meter and an RF meter is an absolute must for the your health and the health of your children.

So let’s talk about an EMF Meter: Trifield 100XE EMF Meter is the one I use

EMF meter is used to measure the intensity of electrical and magnetic radiation coming of off your electrical lines and all of electrical devices…. (TVs, Toaster Ovens, Fridges, Electrical Stoves, desktops, monitors, fans, air purifiers)

So go around your house and measure EMF levels device by device, in off and on mode, because your devices could still emitting EMF when they are off. When you detect EMF, slowly move away from the device until the dial goes below 3 milli-gauss. In the Trifield meter it’s easy to spot, it’s the dotted line on your meter, so as long as you are within this range you should be safe.
Next switch your EMF meter to Electrical setting the measurement for all your devices as well electrical outlets for Electrical. EMF Electrical Fields are usually smaller than magnetic ones and are less of a worry but it’s best to measure and make sure there are no dirty electricity in your lines.

Now onto RF Meter : Cornet Electrosmog Meter

OK so let’s talk about Radio Frequency or (RF) now. RF radiation (which is actually in microwave range) is used by communicating devices such as cell phones, your neighbors, the strength of cellphone towers near you with the addition of your microwave oven radiation, which is a very serious health risk. We have made a video previously on that, in which I have advised you to entirely get rid of your microwave oven and have shown some very robust alternatives to use.

In any case, my recommendation for RF meter is a Cornet Electrosmog Meter:

This is a very reliable RF meter which I personally use. (link in the description below)

So what you need to do is turn on your RF meter and walk around your house. From corner to corner, especially focus on the areas where you spend the most time around, like your sleeping bed, couches, dining tables, and your bathrooms.

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And As I always say, together let’s learn from nature one step at a time. God bless.

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